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About The Studio

THE STUDIO, ARCHITECTURAL AND INTERIOR DESIGN”: was created in 1985 as a sister atelier of the main studio founded in the U.K.

Since 1976, The Studio has been regularly commissioned by English Heritage, responsible for historical sites belonging to the Crown and Grade 1 listed buildings in the UK. Such were interiors in Hampton Court, Banqueting Hall in Whitehall Palace, Strawberry Hill in Twickenham, Chicks and Priory. Among private commissions were many successful projects of interiors in private houses such as Loseley Park, Renishaw Hall, and others. In 1980 The Studio was awarded by English Heritage for successful reconstruction of the 18th c residence at Northaw Palace in Hertfordshire, UK. The Restoration of murals in Bower House and architectural project of reconstruction of the old wing of the palace housing the paintings collection of Ford Motor Company, was followed by the appointment of the director of The Studio as Curator of the collection.

With political changes in Poland, The Studio opened its branch in Warsaw, undertaking a number of complex architectural and interior design projects. Among these, partly financed by the British Know-How Fund, was the design and execution of the interior of the Renaissance Chamber of Deputies in Warsaw`s Royal Castle. Ms. Anna Kozlowska undertook the colossal task of re-creating an interior that was to become the largest fresco of the 20th century. This hugely successful project was shown on films on TV, has been subject of complementary articles in major British press. An another important commissions was the design of classical interiors for residence of historical importance in southern Poland. In 2004, The Studio was commissioned by Ambassador Christopher Hill to design the Guard House to conceal the existing building of US Embassy in Warsaw. The project, following the style of the 19th century town villa demolished in the early sixties. Although very well received still awaits its realization. Further works included interiors of the Royal Dutch Embassy, the design of Chairman`s office of the Law firm Wardynski and Partners, the project of interiors for Polish Roundtable Club and the concept of a large pergola in the Sobanski Palace. Further commissions included the full reconstruction and decoration of interiors of a palace near Lublin, and several private residences in Konstancin, a fashionable residential part of Warsaw.

In December 2011, The Studio prepared the decoration of the Reception Hall in the President of Poland Palace in Warsaw.

In 2012 the work on the project of the decoration of the Palace “Under Tin Roof” in Warsaw was accepted and implemented.

In 2013 The Studio`s highly successful design of the historical colour scheme of the south-east fasade of the Royal Castle in Warsaw was completed.


The Studio`s Senior Partner, Lady Sitwell ALMC is for many years highly regarded and highly experienced authority on the interior design matters, specializing in important historical buildings in UK.

Jacek Czeczot- Gawrak, BSc., MA, 1IC UKIC, Senior Partner and the Director of the Polish branch of the Studio, obtained his BSc, MA at Warsaw University. This was followed by a post graduated course at the Courtland Institute of Art in London. Member of International Institute for Conservation, British Society of Interior Designers, Georgian Society and others.

Ms Anna Kozlowska, Senior Partner obtained her MA in Art with distinction at the University of Warsaw. Author of comprehensive study on pigments and wall paintings


The offer of The Studio includes

  • Architectural projects and design of interiors from classical to modern.
  • Supply, transport and insurance of all furnishing elements from fabrics to furniture whether purhased at home or abroad.
  • Antiques are supplied with binding historical expertise. The Studio has high class experts in finishes like wood ageing, marbling.
  • Wall paintings are in the original techniques such as al fresco buono, al fresco secco, trompe l'oeil.
  • Reliable and competent restorers, carpenters, plumbers, curtain makers, upholsterers and other highly qualified interior specjalists. The offer includes individualy designed wall lights, chandelies, frames, and other items necessary to complete the interior.
  • Our gallery offers various interesting objects to fit the interiors from furniture to paintings, drawings and objects of virtue.

The Studio offers following consultations:

  • Arrangements of interiors
  • Architectural details from historic to modern
  • Artistic merit of objects and works of Art


Architectural heritage, residences


Painted decorations

Furniture and accessories

Garden architecture



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