Architectural designs - reconstruction of monuments

Architectural design is a multi-stage, long-term process needed for the proper implementation of each construction order. It begins with the problem definition and continues until thorough documentation is prepared containing the proposed solution to the problem in terms of functionality and economy. In the meantime, all necessary data, historical analysis, if required by the facility, and the necessary expertise are collected. The entire process is carried out in accordance with the currently applicable legal regulations. The studio has a very rich and serious collection of books with rare items devoted to the history of architecture, art, interior and architectural detail.

Historic architecture - historic interiors

Our studio offers comprehensive services in the field of architectural design and interior design, both contemporary and historic. We have all the required knowledge in the field of the history of architecture, knowledge of conservation conditions, as well as experience in working with monuments. We have completed many projects and reconstructions of historic buildings. Historic interiors are one of our specialties. The most respected institutions benefit from our experience. Photos of completed projects are available on our website in the "Gallery" tab.

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