Arrangements of the residence

Arranging historic buildings and residences is a long-term process that requires specialist knowledge of the history of architecture and art, experience and knowledge of legal regulations. Our studio employs specialists in various fields, which enables us to provide comprehensive services. Arrangements for the residence include consultations on interior design and spatial planning, and then the implementation of projects, restoration of the rooms and the equipment located in them or providing a new one, appropriately matched to the style of the residence. Each stage is overseen by experts in the field.

The residence arrangements designed and implemented by our studio include The Royal Castle in Warsaw, the palace in Hampton Court, the palace of Horace Walpole in Strawberry Hill near London. Due to the change in the position of the President of the Republic of Poland, the project of the Hall in the Palace of the Republic of Poland, as well as orders for other respected institutions and private patrons, remained unrealized. In each case, we tried our best to restore the former splendor, maintaining the individual character of the building, in line with the original style. The satisfaction of our clients, for whom we have arranged the residence, is the best proof of the quality of our offer.

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